Dan Kaibel

Purpose Financial Planning LLC (Purpose) was started to provide clients with objective and well thought out affordable financial advice. Clients can rest in the fact that Purpose practices a fiduciary standard with them and to accomplish this, the company clearly discloses fees as payments for the services provided.  By eliminating the use of commissions for investments, clients know the amount of money they are paying which can reduce confusion and help foster a trusting and hopefully long-term relationship.

Addiitionally, in today's environment, it simply makes sense to use today's innovative software along with low cost investment and insurance products when these work best for a client's needs. Without being restricted to use a particular company's products or being bogged down with sales quotas or the bureaucracy that can occur with larger institutions, focus can be put on adding ways to increase value for clients.

Dan Kaibel, the founder, became a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) in 2002 and has enjoyed serving clients in the financial services industry for over thirty years. He has served them in several roles including as a mortgage broker (including co-owning a company) and had most recently been responsible to oversee over $300 million as Chief Investment Strategist for a large RIA firm. In the pursuit of growing in his knowledge of portfolio management, Dan has passed two levels in the rigorous Charter Financial Analyst (CFA®) program. In addition, Dan has earned the College Funding and Student Loan Advisor (CFSLA) designation. Dan took time away (left in 2004) from the financial industry to volunteer in Christian ministry and to pursue a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies degree which he received in 2008. He stays involved in his church and has the privilege to serve in leadership and teaching in a Bible ministry.

The name Purpose was chosen for multiple reasons of which three are stated here. First, the name is a reminder to Dan of his ultimate purpose. To honor God with his life and work.  Another reason Purpose was chosen as the name of the company is that the reason why clients choose to do financial planning should never be forgotten. For example when doing retirement planning there is a lot of working with numbers and running different scenarios to find the one that works best for the client. However, helping walk clients through the retirement planning process is also a great opportunity to help them plan for a fulfilling life. Also, college planning is more than getting the student into college and ending up with a degree. It is an important process for the whole family and by providing insight and advice Purpse works hard to help our clients make good decisions so that the child will be better prepared to live well and find fulfillment in their work and life. The third reason for the name of the company covered here is to remind Dan why he chose this profession…because he likes to help people with important financial decisions. Researching financial ideas, concepts and strategies and looking on how to use them to help clients is a challenge that he enjoys. Knowing that his work allows others to pursue their purpose aligns well with his own.

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