Christian Perspective Ethics

Is attending Church good for our ethics, economy and survival?

by Dan Kaibel, CFP®

There is so much information that comes at all of us on a daily basis that it is sometimes difficult to take time to think through things with any kind of perspective before making decisions. While some of the decisions can involve an ethical decision of right or wrong that involve others, a Christian also has to make decisions based on the most important relationship they have. The one they have with God.

Christians’ like everyone face multiple financial decisions each day. These decisions could be small or as big as a home purchase or paying for a child’s college. Christians’ are told in Scripture we should renew our mind so that we know what God’s true will is. So, how do we do this when making financial decisions? Simply put, we should make sure to incorporate the study of Scriptures, pray and seek godly counsel. We should start with an eternal perspective since a Christian knows that we have received God’s forgiveness and the Holy Spirit. This means our priorities can change from a ‘me first’ to ‘what is the best way to use these resources considering all things’.

While volumes could be written on what the Scriptures say about money.  At the top of the list is that we should understand that all our resources including our money belong to God. We have the privilege and responsibility to steward what he has given us. This stewardship means that we give to His cause (the church) and it means we should live controlled lifestyles. We should make sure that all that we owe is paid back on time and with an understanding that debt should be used judiciously. If married, it should be noted that financial decisions should be made together.

One of the things that can get in our way of making wise financial decisions is that we can let our emotions affect our state of mind. We have been given instructions that can help us keep the right focus no matter if we when we are told “Be satisfied to the point of where I am not disturbed or disquieted” (Philippians 4:11). Also, “Let your character or moral disposition be free from love of money” (Hebrews 13:5). This helps us to keep an eternal view of our financial decisions.

Another thing that can get in our way is more cognitive in nature. To check that we are thinking biblically rather than with a worldview that may sound right but is actually pulling us a way from what is actually true. A Christian makes decisions with the belief that he/she has a personal creator who desires to have a relationship with them. This relationship which is available because of Jesus Christ should be of the highest priority. There are benefits we have in this since we should understand that we aren’t limited by only relying on human wisdom. We can rely on His wisdom that is given through His Word which results in confidence, peace of mind, eternal perspective with a desire to follow where He leads us.

As we make decisions we can know that His love, wisdom and reach have no bound!