Before you bought a home you probably did some research on what you felt you could afford. Before making a lot of school visits, why not do something similar before committing to a large purchase/investment like four years of college. The individual sources of funds are on the left and the total of the resources devoted to college is on the right. This is one of the reports we prepare for our clients. After you review this, please take a look at the College Aid drop down for some insight into that process.

Pre-qualification - Example

529 Savings $15,000*
Retirement Assets $125,000
Other Assets $5500*
Parents Income $110,000
College Cash flow $16,800*
American Tax Credit $10,000*
Parents' plus/private loans - $0-


Resources for College*  
Parents* $47,300
Student* $52,000
Other* $7,500
Total 4- Year Qualification $106,800


Part Time Income $25,000*
Stafford loans $27,000*
Private Student loans -$0-


Other Help  
Grandparents $7,500*