How does a Relationship with Purpose Begin?

As you may pick up from the company name, Purpose Financial Planning LLC (Purpose) believes that the ‘Purpose’ for your financial goals should never be forgotten as we walk through the financial planning process. Whether you just want to address a couple of specific planning issues or do a complete financial plan, a relationship with Purpose can begin with a phone call. During the call, feel free to ask any questions that you may have, share some of your goals and we can explore if Purpose may be a good fit for you. Oftentimes, out of this phone call we would schedule a time for a cost and pressure free meeting so that we may discuss your goals and possibly the priority of them in more detail. During this meeting you be  will provided with some initial thoughts, possible next steps and if applicable benefits that you may receive if we were to work together. If the decision is made to work together we will determine the best way to communicate and meet moving forward. Before our next meeting you will provide your financial information via our provided financial planning software portal or in paper form.   

The financial planning process which allows us do a number of ‘what if scenarios’ can provide insight on the importance of the prioritization of your goals. These ‘what if scenarios’ could be things such as retiring earlier (or later), filing for Social Security later, corrections in the stock market, buying a 2nd home, increase giving, increase savings and applying for college aid etc. After discussion with you and determination of the final complete plan or project we will provide you a digital copy (or in printed form on request).

Purpose offers two ways to begin working with us. One is the opportunity to work on a project basis to focus on two areas of financial planning that are most important to you now. The other option is to do a full financial plan where we provide a more comprehensive plan that will address all your areas of concern. Please see the areas and some details of what we cover under Financial Planning Services.

Upon the completion of a complete financial plan PFP also offers our Portfolio Management Services, (please see additional information in the drop down Portfolio Management Services & Portfolio Management Approach). In an effort to provide good long term holistic planning we provide to those who use these services an annual updated financial plan at no additional charge.